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Selfie in Lviv

3 hours

Old tram-Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture-Rynok square-Mazoh cafe-Lviv chocolate manufacture-Drunk cherry-Ratusha tower-Opera theatre

If it will not raining, morning coffee will be in the Lviv Coffee Mining manufacture, and the Cherry liquor on the rynok square will be relaxing after walks, then Lviv caught you. It will screw you into the dance of fairy-tale houses and delicious stories. A city that has everything and people, and history, and places, those that you want to share with friends, those that are in the list must be seen. So, take your the phones and do a selfie, invite friends and watch the city from lenses. Let’s start with coffee, in the underground where it is mined. The permanent accessory will be a helmet, and a photo of coffee with fire will help to remember the unique taste of Lviv morning. The photos from the roofs have always been impressive, so the loft, where Lviv legends live, opens the door to its terrace. Stairs in the old Lviv buildings hide unique beauty, they are graceful and massive, old and unique. The same stairs has place where from ordinary chocolate creats a real art. The only monument that we will offer you for the photo will be for the father of Masochism Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Lviv also has charming window sill, where the Market Square looks less respectable, more like a corner of Lviv fairy tales. Than well known Lviv drunk cherry will encourage us before rising to Lviv panorama. 306 steps – it will not be easy, but believe it is worth it. Photos on the background of the old city from the height of the bird’s flight and the likes are guaranteed to you. A few more stories about Lviv and we will get acquainted with city’s visit card – Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater. A photo with Mr. theater, and then pictures in the mirrors, you can choose your own place and enjoy the beauty, and of course make a selfie. *Minimum 2 participants per booking Individual discounts for groups of more than 10 people



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