Lviv, Pidvalna 11, Just Old Tram


Christmas !FEST tour Lviv

2 hours

Just old tram-Dzyga-Gas lamp- Armenian quarter- Beer Theater Pravda– Rynok square-Christmas market–Drunk cherry–House of legends–At the Golden Rose–Kryjivka - Tower of city counsil

All magic of Christmas awaits you behind the doors of the most interesting places of Lviv. We will open them widely and feel the whole atmosphere and joy of Christmas in the city of Lviv.

Snowflakes on the cobblestone, frosty lanterns, Christmas carols and connoisseurs of the ancient history of the city will accompany us on this journey. It will be fascinating and cognitive, chain of conceptual restaurants !FEST will help us to enjoy its legends and sincere emotions.

We will show and tell you everything – traditions, colors, attributes, dishes and even some recipes. We’ll warm you up, of course, with a good hot drunk cherry. This is traditional outdoor drink in Lviv in during the holiday season.
Since Christmas is a family holiday, we invite you to join our family and let’s enjoy Lviv together.

A delicious bonus from Just Lviv It is a festive lunch in the real Ukrainian restaurant, which is the most popular in Lviv during last 10 years: vareniks, Ukrainian borsch and salo and of course honey vodka to make you warm after walking on winter streets. (350 UAH per person)

Real Christmas Eve is waiting for guests 6.01 in the company of sincere people, with the performances and carols, “feeding the diduh” and bringing the goat in the heart of the city. We will treat pampushky, Christmas borsch and kutya. (780 UAH per person)



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    Pidvalnaya, 11
    Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00