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Austrian Lviv (Walk With Granny Austria)

Duration: 3 hours

Just Old Tram - Rynok Square - Shevchenko monument - Opera theatre - Fallers pasege - Grigorenko Square - House of scientists - Ivan Franko National University - Main post - The Potocki Palace - Mitskevytch Square

Austrian Lviv – what is it like? We will show you the narrow streets that still remember the new and ancient houses that create the true spirit of Lviv, all the savour of hot coffee.

Granny Austria presented Lviv with sights that are now landmarks of the city: such as the majestic Opera Theatre, the Central Railway Station, the residence of Count Alfred Pototsky, the Philharmonic and many others.

The mixture of different cultures, religions and architectural styles creates a unique identity for the city of Leo and makes it the one about which tourists love to tell each other.

Visit Granny Austria to meet in person!

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