Lviv, Pidvalna 11, Just Old Tram


Alco tour “Tipsy Lviv”

3 hours

Just old tram-Masoch cafe-Rynok square – Kryjivka –Gas lamp - Drunk cherry- Svobody Avenue - Opera Underground

Most popular restaurants of Holding emotions! FEST network, open their doors to introduce you the bar culture, which is extremely high and ideological in Lviv. Together with the history of the city and unusual tastings, try to taste Tipsy Lviv. Tastings: honey liqueur 50 g, chemical alco test, drunk cherry liqueur 50g, cocktail in Opera Underground

“Masoch-cafe” is a window into the world, created by the works of “father of masochism”, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, born in Lviv. Erotic photos of Masoch times are hung all over the cafe. The walls are decorated with numerous leather whips, shackles, handcuffs and chains, everything can be moved and tried on yourself. Waitresses dressed in maso style will help you with this. Moreover, they gladly unfasten you with a whip or beat you with batogs. In this case, it is possible that you will be forced to portray the cries of the March cat or to blow like an elephant. Kryjivka – Somewhere at Rynok Square. The most visited restaurant in Europe, 1 000 000 visitors per year. It is the last hiding place of Ukrainian Insurgent Army left from the times of the World War II. Its motto is “The Fight Continues”. Pub museum Gas lamp – Lviv brought to the world a gas lamp that later on became famous as “Viennese”. Jan Zech and Ignacy Lukasiewicz, the local pharmacists, invented it in 1853. The pub holds one of the biggest collections of gas lamps in Europe. This atmosphere of a real Lviv pub is added by explosions, flashes, smell of gas and rock music. A guide with a lit lantern will lead you up to the restaurant. “Drunk cherry” – he will not retreat and she will not refuse! Best Lviv liqueur is an integral part of the old Lviv. Drunk cherry have been insisted in Lviv in every home long ago. Every Lviv women did that liqueur, and everyone knew that taste. The liqueur was so tasty that no woman, regardless of age, could not resist the taste. And the girlfriends, as they met to gossip about the guys, always tasted liquor. The Lviv beaus quickly learned that recipe and took a bottle of drunk cherry to every randezvouses. And no one could refuse. So drunk cherry is provided for adventures with women and helps the boys to find love since 1896. Opera underground restaurant – the underground of Lviv Opera House has always had its own life. If there is a performance on the upper stage, at intermissions the show continues underground. Additional charges: Entry tickets *Minimum 2 participants per booking Individual discounts for groups of more than 10 people



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