Official meetings in the Mirror Hall of the Lviv Opera House

Lviv Opera and ballet theater

Location:Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater

Lviv National Opera is the only Ukrainian theater, which is part of the “Opera Europa” association. The Mirror Hall of the Theater is a unique room that contains a gallery and at the same time is a place for events of various levels. Dozens of people can visit this room during and after watching opera or ballet. There was organized VI presidents meeting of the Central and Eastern Europe countries in 1999.
One of the last impressive exhibitions that took place in this hall was the exhibition “World stars stage costumes of opera art” (2010). The collection of costumes was brought from the museum of La Scala. The theater is always ready to welcome guests from all over the world who value beauty, elitism, elegance and open to communication.

Just event holds business meetings and receptions, events up to 150 people