Lviv, Pidvalna 11, Just Old Tram

(ukr) Концептуальні Екскурсії по Львову - Just Lviv it

Lviv Night Guard

Duration: 2 hours

Armenian quarter-Benedektyn's monastery–Krakivska str.-Boim's chapel-Jewish quarter-Bernardyn's complex

If you are in Lviv, you should see the city at night! If you see people with lanterns at night, do not be afraid – this is a burgomaster’s assistant, he will show you how night Lviv looks like. There are legends that by strolling around the city, he protects the sound sleep of Lviv citizens. Walking along with him, you will learn about spooky legends, secret rites, mysterious streets, and the nooks and crannies of the city you have never even known about. He will introduce you to the city which you will not see during the day. There is an expression “Lviv weather” that means that the weather can change very fast. In the morning it is sunny, while at lunchtime, it rains heavily, so every Lviv citizen must always have an umbrella around. The excursion is made during “Lviv weather” so make sure to bring an umbrella or sun cream 😉 Join the excursion with the night burgomaster and experience the atmosphere of Lviv.

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and English. * held on Fridays and Saturdays in groups (min. 14 people) Individual excursion in Ukrainian starts from 2500 UAH, in a foreign language – from 3000 UAH. ** the price of tickets can be refunded on the day of the excursion until 18:00. *** The administration does not provide raincoats / umbrellas / jackets.



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For groups of more than 10 people there are individual discounts.

Pidvalnaya, 11
Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00