Lviv, Pidvalna 11, Just Old Tram


Lviv medical sweets

3 hours

Just old tram-pharmacy museum-Mazoh cafe-Lviv chocolate manufacture-museum of medicine history-Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital-Lviv National Medical University-Mikolyash Pharmacy-Gas Lamp

Pharmacy-museum “Under the black eagle” – the oldest of the existing pharmacies in Lviv, turned into the only museum in Ukraine, where you can see the old pharmacy equipment used by medieval pharmacists. It seems as the spirit of health, longevity and even immortality has sprung up. People believed in it, and this faith was a peculiar psychological medicine for disease. Sweets from Lviv chocolate manufacture are also a good pills because they produce real hormone of happiness. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, a famous erotic writer, was born in Lviv. Needless to say more suggestive and lascivious, all in Masoch-cafe. Then Museum of the History of Medicine, which exhibits will tell about the Ukrainian medical community, about the galician doctors, the history of the Ukrainian Red Cross. The building of the Regional Clinical Hospital was built as an educational institution for gentry youth. The Austrian government transferred the building to a government hospital, which in 1866 became a general city hospital. Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky is one of the largest and oldest medical educational institutions in Ukraine. At the beginning of its existence, the pharmacy “Under the Gold Star” produced a small amount of drugs from chemicals and raw materials, which were obtained from wholesale trading enterprises, mainly from Vienna. The restaurant Gas Lamp Museum, which is still not the largest, but already almost a collection of kerosene lamps in Europe. The atmosphere of this Lviv pub is complemented with explosions, flashes, smell of kerosene.

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