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Lviv romantic weekend

3 days

Opera House-Armenian Quarter-Rynok Square-City Hall-Pharmacy museum-Black Mansion-Korniakt Tower-Latin Cathedral-Masoch-cafe-Jewish Quarter-Just Old Tram-Rynok Square-Shevchenko monument- Fallers pasege-House of scientists-Ivan Franko National University-The Potocki Palace-Mitskevytch Square

1 DAY: Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation in hotel 3*. Dinner in restaurant “Trout, bread and wine” which story began long time ago. A sad event happened in 1826 when the old Lviv City Hall collapsed. The only permanent residents of the City Hall were the trumpet player and his family. The ruins buried two soldiers, five workers and the trumpet player. Since then the trumpet player’s family left the City Hall and moved next to the house of the Lviv clockmaker in the Jewish area. It was close to the City Hall and safer. The municipal workers did not earn a lot, that’s why they had to do what they did the best they could in their free time. The clockmaker was a wine expert and also baked the best bread in the city. And the trumpet player baked the most delicious Carpathian river trout (pstruh is the Ukrainian Hutsul name for river trout). 2 DAY: Breakfast in the hotel. Guide meet you in the hotel. City tour “For lovers” (3 hours): Opera House – Armenian Quarter – Rynok Square – City Hall – Pharmacy museum – Black Mansion – Korniakt Tower – Latin Cathedral – “Masoch-cafe” – Jewish Quarter Lviv is a original place for lovers! Find out why Armenian man Ivashko and Polish woman Sophia were punished. How it was possible to buy jam at Lviv pharmacies. And the end of the story will be about place where Artur Grottger was dating with his beloved Wanda Monne. And a tour guide will tell you other love stories and events, which took place in old and modern Lviv! That’s not the half of the story! We suggest you to feel real joy of love with a thrilling cocktail for two from the restaurant dedicated to the “father” of masochism – Leopold von Sacher-Masoch! The Restaurant transmits the atmosphere of the famous writer times, who was born in 1836 in Lviv. The walls are decorated with masochistic attributes – leather shoulder straps, cords, knots, handcuffs, chains (which can be tested by the visitors in action), erotic photos. The staff is dressed in appropriate leather masochistic outfits. The glass doors in restaurant are made in the form of a keyhole. Names and components of almost all dishes and drinks are connected with masochism and creativity of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. The world’s first monument to the Leopold von Sacher-Masochau is set up near the restaurant (you can find something interesting in his pants). Dinner in restaurant “House of legends” A restaurant in your imagination only. It is a building of a chimney sweeper and his family where Lviv legends live. The chimney sweeper and his family members collect books about Lviv in their library, protect Lviv lions, watch the water level of the Poltva river and tally if someone has not stolen some old Austrian cobblestone.It is the place where Lviv time is officially protected: the clock hand must not run slow and the clock must keep perfect Lviv time. There is a necessity to clean some chimneys from time to time, so the chimney sweeper takes his car, parked on the rooftop, and passes easily Lviv traffic jams. At night, when the family falls asleep, Lviv smog protects Lviv legends from St. George Hill. 3 DAY: Breakfast in hotel. Guide meet you in the hotel. City tour “Game of love” (3 hours): Just Old Tram – Rynok Square – Shevchenko monument – Opera theatre – Fallers pasege – Grigorenko Square – House of scientists – Ivan Franko National University – The Potocki Palace – Mitskevytch Square Life passes by, we become older, time inevitably run forward, things spoil and break, but memories and impressions will be lodged in our head one by one. The most romantic story will evolve in Lviv, and this story is yours! This story will be created by beautiful old houses and the very narrow small cobblestone streets, in silent cafes and crowded restaurants! You’ll walk in the old city and taste romantic dishes in the most popular restaurants in the Eastern Europe! You’ll go underground of “Lviv Coffee Manufacture” to feel adrenaline buzz and try a fragrant exiting drink in the dark mine, suitable for lovers. You will hear the story about those love stories which took place in Lviv, story about a poor artist Artur Grottger and his beloved Wanda Monne; story about the battle for the noble bride near the walls of the Dominican Monastery; the story of the duelists who became crazy from love to the girl from the Vilchkov family. You will also see Lviv Austrian buildings as well as spectacular Svobody Avenue and famous the Opera and Ballet House! Dinner in restaurant museum “Gas lamp” Lviv brought to the world a gas lamp that later on became famous as “Viennese”. Jan Zech and Ignacy Lukasiewicz, the local pharmacists, invented it in 1853. The pub holds one of the biggest collections of gas lamps in Europe. This atmosphere of a real Lviv pub is added by explosions, flashes, smell of gas and rock music. A guide with a lit lantern will lead you up to the restaurant. Transfer to the railway station. Price includes: – Appartments Just Lviv It 2 nights – Airport/Railway station transfers – Private guide for city tours – Tastings during “for lovers” (cocktail for couple) and “Game of love| (coffee for those who in love, wine with appetizers) – Dinners in restaurants “Trout, bread and wine”, “House of legends”, “Gas lamp”



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