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Duration: 2 hours

"Lviv Coffee Manufacture"- Rynok Square - Armenian Quarter -

Is it possible to imagine Lviv without coffee nowadays? They have been inextricably linked for several centuries, forming one common history of the ancient city.

Our tour will introduce you to Yuriy Kulchytsky, our countryman, a man who brought fashion for coffee to Vienna and later to Lviv. Find out which were the iconic coffee shops of the past, where Lviv coffee traditions originated from, and what Adam Mickiewicz and Taras Shevchenko wrote about this drink.

At “Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture” you will hear all about the origin of coffee – the legends and history, its varieties, processing methods and the wealth of brewing methods. There is a legend in Lviv that coffee is not actually brought from overseas, where it ripens under the warm sun, but is produced in a dark cold mine beneath Rynok Square. An extremely interesting attraction is the descent into the dungeons! You will feel like a true discoverer, underground traveler and small-scent-grain extractor!

For a dessert, we have you a spicy immersion into the coffee enjoyment, where you have to engage and stimulate each of your 5 senses! How? Come and find out.

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