Lviv, Pidvalna 11, Just Old Tram

Hell’s Kitchen

1 day

Rynok square-Fest republic

Incentive Hells Kitchen Guide meets group Presentation Of Holding of emotions! FEST in the GURME-tour format for employees of your company. Holding emotions! FEST is a complex of creative restaurants with original concepts, founded in 2007 in Lviv. New projects and their professional implementation makes the company unique. The first project – restaurant “Kryjivka”, has brought great success all over Ukraine and beyond its first month of work was visited by more than 50 thousand people and the number of visitors is steadily increasing. Today, there are more than 20 restaurants of the Company in a variety of original concepts and formats located in the most passing central places of Lviv: the restaurant “Kryjivka”, “Masoch-cafe”, Jewish restaurant “At the Golden Rose”, Opera underground restaurant, The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant, Lviv Chocolate Workshop, House of Legend, First Grill restaurant of Meat and Justice, the Beer Theater “Pravda” and others. We will talk about different restaurant’s concepts, how we work with mono menus and even create our own brands: coffee, chocolate, liqueur “drunk cherries”, beer, souvenirs. What problems are facing modern restaurants and how they work with suppliers. All restaurants are a long and rich Lviv’s history. There would be no legend without a city, there would be no ideas without legends and there would be no dishes that we are preparing without Galician cuisine. Guests will have tastings in restaurants, alcohol degustations and interesting surprises. Lunch at the first restaurant of Holding of emotions! FEST “Kryjivka”. One of the chief chefs and the head of the restaurant will take us into the restaurant business. Your employees will have the task of recreating this restaurant. Transfer to the FEST republic, where the participants will perform their task on the basis of the chef’s school. Task for the team: to recreate the atmosphere of “Kryjivka” and prepare three conceptual dishes: salad, main dish and dessert. The team will be divided into roles: Role Function 1. Manager Control the process 2. Assistant Control over the process of cooking and serving dinner 3. Chief chef Menu design 4. Sous-chef Cooking dishes 5. Waitress Serving dishes 6. Decorator Decorates hall for dinner To make everything truly delicious, do not forget to grab the necessary utensils and decor from Kryjivka, because the entourage and your decorators will help to make the dishes tastier. The team will have a budget in the Kryjivka’s souvenir shop in order to collect the decor for dinner. Waiters will arrange dishes according to all the instructions given to them by the professionals. The participants will create its own Kryjivka, prepare a dinner and who knows maybe their dishes will be in the new menu of the real Kryjivka restaurant. Dinner in newly created Kryjivka (snacks and additional meals will be organized by FEST catering).



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Pidvalnaya, 11
Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00