Lviv, Pidvalna 11, Just Old Tram

Gourmet quest

4 hours

Rynok Square

The idea of a quest is to find and make a map of the route, performing the tasks at each point on the route. During the quest, the participants have tastings in the Holding of Emotions! FEST restaurants. The winner will be determined according to the number of scored points also, the one who first comes to the finish point. Program: • We divide participants into 2 groups on the Market square. Each group will have its own guide. • The group will be able to receive points for the task and a part of the map (each group will have its own color card), which will be marked with the next point of the quest • The first task is to find architectural elements among the houses on the Market square. (23 items). The group can share elements among themselves. Everyone will have 30 minutes to complete the task. The guide checks the task, gives the corresponding number of points to the found items (1 item – 1 point) and the next part of the map. • Each group will have its own route. • The following items are restaurants of the Emotion Holding! Fest, where tasks are executed both with the help of conceptual managers, and on their own. POST OFFICE ON DRUKARSKA STREET The last functioning analogue post office in Lviv. Sms and e-mail have to transform into pasta restaurant in the modern world. The biggest collection of Lviv postcards is displayed here as one of the ways to record the city history. PUB-MUSEUM “GAS LAMP” Lviv brought to the world a gas lamp that later on became famous as “Viennese”. Jan Zech and Ignacy Lukasiewicz, the local pharmacists, invented it in 1853. The pub holds one of the biggest collections of gas lamps in Europe. This atmosphere of a real Lviv pub is added by explosions, flashes, smell of gas and rock music. A guide with a lit lantern will lead you up to the restaurant. ” THE MOST EXPENSIVE GALICIAN RESTAURANT The world of esoteric; sometimes called masons. Somewhere at Rynok Square. The most visited restaurant in Europe, 1 000 000 visitors per year. It is the last hiding place of Ukrainian Insurgent Army left from the times of the World War II. Its motto is “The Fight Continues”.  “AT THE GOLDEN ROSE” GALICIAN JEWISH RESTAURANT Galician and Jewish restaurant is located in Lviv historic Jewish quarter near the ruins of the “Golden Rose” synagogue. Visitors are met with Jewish customs here. The menu is without prices and the cost of the dishes depends on customer’s skills to bargain. • After completing all the tasks in the last point on the quest route, the points will be scored by each of the groups and the winner will be determined. • All participants in the quest receive gifts (they are agreed separately, the price of the quest is not included), because they all will complete all the tasks. Depending on the place occupied, gifts may vary. We offer as traditional gifts Lviv coffee, chocolates, candies, gift sets, magnets, postcards. *Minimum 2 participants per booking Individual discounts for groups of more than 10 people



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