Lviv, Pidvalna 11, Just Old Tram

Bridal shower weekend

2 days

Lunch Trout.Bread.Wine – tour Choco Lviv-dinner Under the Golden rose-Tour Between sky and earth- lunch Opera underground-Chocolate workshop-dinner in the most expensive Galician restaurant

1 day Arrival in Lviv. Lunch in restaurant Trout.Bread.Wine This story began long time ago. A sad event happened in 1826 when the old Lviv City Hall collapsed. The only permanent residents of the City Hall were the trumpet player and his family. The ruins buried two soldiers, five workers and the trumpet player. Since then the trumpet player’s family left the City Hall and moved next to the house of the Lviv clockmaker in the Jewish area. It was close to the City Hall and safer. The municipal workers did not earn a lot, that’s why they had to do what they did the best they could in their free time. The clockmaker was a wine expert and also baked the best bread in the city. And the trumpet player baked the most delicious Carpathian river trout (pstruh is the Ukrainian Hutsul name for river trout). Tour Choco Lviv Chocolate is known all over the world, it is indispensable in desserts preparation and… not only desserts! Lviv has always loved experimenting, that is why it is worth savouring not just chocolate but popular dishes that seem to be incompatible with it! Extremely popular drink in Lviv is coffee with the chocolate combination in “Coffee Manufacture”. There is a legend in Lviv that coffee beans are not actually bought from overseas countries, where they are grown under the sun, but extracted from the dark cold mine under Rynok Square! And what is more – there is a very interesting attraction here – going underground to the mine! Feel like a real discoverer, an underground stranger and a miner of small fragrant coffee beans! Hot chocolate in “Lviv Handmade Chocolate”! While a cup makes your hands warm, everything around will seem to be better, more tender and full of harmony! And you’ll savour an unusual dish from the “Post Office on Drukarska Street”. Tickle your taste receptors, feel the novelty and eccentricity! Dinner in the restaurant At the golden rose. Galician and Jewish restaurant is located in Lviv historic Jewish quarter near the ruins of the “Golden Rose” synagogue. Visitors are met with Jewish customs here. The menu is without prices and the cost of the dishes depends on customer’s skills to bargain. 2 day We invite to meet Lviv in our tour “Between sky and earth”. We will go the unusual route which runs between heaven and ground, between the roofs and catacombs – we will see this familiar and the unknown Lviv at the same time. All that you will not hear during usual sightseeing tour – legends, lost facts and unusual stories. Lunch in restaurant Opera Underground. The underground of Lviv Opera House has always had its own life. If there is a performance on the upper stage, at intermissions the show continues underground. Handmade Chocolate workshop 1,5 hours of chocolate handicraft! Decorating the chocolate baskets, new knowledge about chocolate and tasting the sweets you made. To perform workshop well every member will be provided by: Hot chocolate Stuffing for sweets, coconut and almond powder, strawberry sugar Chocolate basket where sweets are put in At the end of the workshop, each person receives the chocolate basket with sweets made with his/her hands, certificate of participation in the workshop and hot drink (tea/coffee/cocoa). Dinner in the most expensive Galician restaurant. The world of esoteric; sometimes called masons. Price includes: Tours and tasting according the program 2 dinners and 2 lunches Choco workshop Price do not include: Accomodation 60 euro Additional meals and tastings



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Pidvalnaya, 11
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